Survey #2 (Tees)

Whats Going On Guys!

A big thanks to the people for supporting us by purchasing our First Ever KNOVA hats.  Sadly the people who missed out on the sale, cannot get those same colorful "KNOVA" print on their hats anymore. 

However! Summer is coming in hot, and we are diligently trying to piece together our first collection of T-shirts and hopefully some summer wear apparel. But before making any huge decisions, We wanted to see how you guys felt about some of our designs and colors for our first collection. 

We pretty much made a survey where we ask you guys a couple questions regarding t-shirts, and the various styles you like.

If you would be so kind to fill out the survey. 

the people who fill out the survey get to pre-order the soft pink shirts with the white labeling...

(survey below)